How to Hack friends Mobile Phone’s Address Book (Only for Blue tooth enabled sets.)

How to Hack friends Mobile Phone’s Address Book:

You can replace or modify the victim mobile phone’saddress book by using the following steps:- (a) Create a new address book entry. Try to keep the list of contact names same as in victim’s address book. If you have no idea about victim mobile phone’s address book then try some common words like Work or Office or Mobile or Home etc…(Whatever in your mind….) (b) Sent this newly created address book to the victimmobile phone via Blue tooth. (c) As soon as the victim accepts the blue tooth message, it shall replace the existing entry with the new information. This is also know as “Blue Jacking” or simply a “Blue Jack Attack”

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Password protect your messages with SMS guard

Many times we don’t want others to read our private messagesbut also don’t want to delete them. And there is no security setting in any nokia mobile to password protect messages.
Here is an app which will help you to keep your messagespassword protected.
You can download sms guard from link given below.

Install this software in your nokia s60 v2 mobile and open it.
At first it will ask for password to set. Enter the password and next time it will ask for the password to login.Log in using the password you set . Now you’ll be able to see all your inboxmessages in this software. Now select the message you want to lock , click on options and select ‘Lock Message’.
Now nobody can see your private messages without your permission.
This software works with all symbian s60 v2 mobile phones ,N-gage QD and some n series phones.
e.g 6600, 3230, n70, n72, 7610, 6630, 6670

How to Reset NOKIA Security code – THC NOKIA UNLOCK

The phone lock prevents your phone data from being accessed if
your phone is stolen.

“The lock code is a number that prevents unauthorized persons from
using your phone. These control codes are for your protection.”

You all must be knowing the master code trick (which never worked for me :p)
There is one more way to reset your security codeTHC NOKIA UNLOCK. It helps to reset NOKIA security code without flashing.
It will reset your NOKIA security code to 12345.
The program was tested on Nokia 6630,6680,N70,N72. It should work on other symbian os phones also.
You can download the user guide from here.



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